Toby Broda Goldblum's last letter to her sister in Toronto, Canada. Translated from the original Yiddish.

Dabrowa, July 27, 1943.

My dear sister and brother-in-law. I know you will receive this letter. I am writing to let you know that Itzik was taken away and I have not heard from him. I have been without him for three years. I manage to feed myself and my children from my work. I work in a shop ten hours a day and then I do more work at night. That's how I have managed to sustain us for four years.

I was able to leave Sheindale with Mr. Turkin. I met him only a few months ago. He and his wife are very decent people. They took Sheindale under their care with love.

Ange and Wowchu, you should be good parents to her also, and you should take care of her with love like a mother's.

I am writing this letter to you during my last days of my life. We are expecting death any time now. We know what kind of death to expect. My dearest, the end is bitter and tragic. I thank God for Mr. Turkin. I am sure that he and his wife will care and will save my child's life. My dearest, I see the Angel of Death before me. I don't believe even a miracle can help us now. My little son Novek and I are the last sacrificial victims.

My dear ones, I write this letter with blood instead of ink. I am confused. The only thing that makes it easier on my heart is knowing that Sheindale will be saved. I know she is in good hands, with good people. My dearest, be good parents to your children and to my little girl. I can feel at this moment the pain in your heart when you read this letter. It is not your fault. We are innocent, our future is lost and cannot be changed. I am walking around like a crazy woman. It is terrible to die when your  mind knows everything that is going to happen and you can see the Angel of Death before you.

It hurts me terribly, it breaks my heart to write this letter to you but you must know what happened to your family and how they disappeared. Our loving mother, of blessed memory, thank God, died of natural causes in the year 1942. The date 6 Tammuz, you should observe the Yahrzeit of our mother's death. Father was killed three months later by the murderers. I am sorry to say that from the whole family nobody is alive. We are the last. We are in danger, there is no possible way for us to live through this.

Ange, my beloved sister, be strong and courageous, take revenge. We don't have a way out, we cannot run, we are surrounded on all sides. I cannot write any more. I do not want to pain you. This is the last letter from me to you.

     Be well, your sister Toby,

July 28, 1943, Dabrowa was declared "Judenrein" ("free of Jews").