As editor of Women and the Holocaust, I wish to express my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to a number of people who, on a pro-bono basis, have so generously given their time, talent, technical and other expertise to this web site. 

Jeff Freedman, MBA 
A few years ago, a friend introduced me to Jeff, partner in B. Webb and Associates. Jeff, having seen the proposed content of my project, very generously undertook to design and maintain the web site. He has been doing it ever since. Without his constant work and dedication, it would not exist;

Jonathan A. Cohen, B.Comm. LL.B 
My son, who introduced me to the internet and with infinite patience taught me how to use it.  His encouragement was crucial to my decision to start this web site.  In addition to Jeff Freedman, Jonathan also joined recently the technical "staff" and, in his spare time, maintains many of the web pages and constantly advises me on various technical issues; 

Karin Doerr, Ph.D., Dept. of Classics, Modern Languages & Linguistics, and the Simone de Beauvoir Institute at Concordia University, Montreal, QC. 
Dr. Doerr has taken a special interest in this web site and is the consulting editorial mentor.  She gives freely of her time with invaluable advice on issues of language, organization of materials,  publishing traditions, new ideas such as the "Fragments" page, and on any other matter for which I need direction; Dr. Doerr maintains the extensive bibliography.

Gillian McCann, Ph.D.  Religious Studies, University of Toronto.
Dr. McCann has generously undertaken to write book reviews for this web site,
on Holocaust related books whenever her busy schedule permits.

The Holocaust witnesses and survivors, for allowing me to make public their painful, personal experiences; 
The professional, academic contributors for their papers and essays; 

The poets for sharing their artistic expressions; 
All other contributors who keep sending me writings for the various web pages. 

Michelle Elizabeth Cohen, (Sociology) 
My daughter, who, in her adult years, introduced me to women/feminist studies and ideas.  She supplied me with books on the Holocaust that are related to women's experiences and has given me constant encouragement and her opinion on submitted work.

Dr. Carla Rose Shapiro, (Media and Cultural Studies)
A close friend, who gives freely of her vast experience in the area of presentation techniques and constructive critique of the site and on materials submitted for publication.

Yehuda Bacon (painter of the illustration on the main page of this site)
Yehuda Bacon was born in Czechoslovakia in 1929. In 1941, he was deported to Theresienstadt at the age of fourteen, where he began some of his drawings. Whilst in the camp he studied with artists Leo Hass, Otto Unger, Bedrich Fritta. In 1943 he was deported to Auschwitz where he continued drawing when possible.  After the Holocaust, he emigrated to Israel with the Youth Aliya in 1946.

Last but not least I want to thank my husband, Sidney Jessel Cohen, for his enthusiastic, on-going support for this modest, private endeavour and for his Job-like patience when I spend hours on the computer. 

All the readers who send me letters, indicating the value of this web site, namely  to acquaint, especially the young people, with this important but neglected aspect of the Nazi Holocaust and, hopefully, to spur them on to do further research. 

Judy (Weissenberg) Cohen,  
Editor/Holocaust witness-survivor. 

Copyright Judy Cohen, 2001.
All rights reserved.