Holocaust Memoirs, Testimonies, Histories
Select Bibliography (English)

Compiled by Dr. Karin Doerr©
Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

(*Signifies by or about Women)
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Updated: September, 2021

There are literally thousands of personal testimonies. This compilation contains a collection of varied and different perspectives and experiences of those who lived through and witnessed the Shoah. I have provided short annotations if the content is not obvious from the title.

There is a separate bibliography for Critical Writing on Literary and Artistic Responses to the Holocaust, one for Secondary Sources on the Holocaust, and one for Antisemitism..

For a list of Holocaust novels, stories, plays, and poems, see Literary Responses to the Holocaust.

See also the Azrieli Foundation Holocaust Survivor Memoirs Program online at https://memoirs.azrielifoundation.org/recollection/#home|view-all.  

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Related Publications

In progress: More than 2,000 war diaries have been collected by the National Office for the History of the Netherlands and are now being transcribed for publication on the archive’s website.

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