Nurses' Participation in
 the Euthanasia
 Programs of Nazi
 Susan Benedict, CRNA,  DSN, FAAN

   The Canada Commando
 as a Force for
 Resistance in Auschwitz:
 Redefining Heroism
 Gail Ivy Berlin Ph.D.

   Sexual Villainy in the Holocaust
Beverley Chalmers (DSc(Med);PhD)

   A Gendered Holocaust? The Experiences of "Jewish" Men and Women in Hungary, 1944
Tim Cole, Ph.D.

   Speech of Hate:
 Women's Holocaust
 Karin Doerr, Ph.D.

   Memories of History -
 Women and the
 Karin Doerr, Ph.D.

   Social Death and the Destruction of the Jewish Family by National Socialist Germany
 Karin Doerr, Ph.D.

   Women Before Hell's
 Gate: Survivors of the
 Holocaust and their
 Peter R. Erspamer, Ph.D.

   The Couriers of the
 Jewish Underground in
 Poland during the
 Gary Scott Glassman

 The Narrative of Ester Golan -- A Case Study: Representative of Young Adolescent Girls Who Lost Their Mothers During the Shoa
Ester Golan

 Lessons Learned from
 Gentle Heroism:
 Women's Holocaust
 Myrna Goldenberg Ph.D.

  Sex, Rape, and Survival: Jewish Women and the Holocaust
 Myrna Goldenberg, Ph.D.

  Sexual Violence and the Holocaust: An Interim Analysis
 Myrna Goldenberg, Ph.D.

   Testimony, Narrative,
 and Nightmare
 Myrna Goldenberg Ph.D.

   Women's Roles Within the Ghettos
 Hannah Goldstone

   A Life Cut Off In Its Prime – The Diary of Etty Hillesum, 1941-1943
 Dr. Gideon Greif 

   Sexualized Violence and Forced Prostitution in National Socialism 
 Brigitte Halbmyer

   The Polish Jewish Woman From the Beginning of the Occupation to the Deportation to the Ghettos (PDF, 351KB)
 Raquel Hodara

  Possessed by a History They Never Lived: Daughters of Holocaust Survivors Confront Secrecy and Silence
 Nancy D. Kersell 

   Poetry After Auschwitz
 Charlotte Delbo and the
 Return of the Word
 Dr. Sarah Liu

   Her View Through My Lens: Cecilia Slepak Studies Women in the Warsaw Ghetto
 Dalia Ofer, Ph.D.

   Women in the Jewish
 Resistance to Nazi
 Dalia Ofer

   Cohesion and Rupture:
The Jewish Family in the
East European Ghettos
during the Holocaust

 Dalia Ofer

   Motherhood Under Siege
 Dalia Ofer

   On a Transport to Heaven
 Kristian Ottosen

  The Holocaust in Hungary: The Importance of Gender, Age and Geography for the Jewish Experience
 Laura Palosuo 

  Women's Voices in Hungarian Holocaust Literature
 Dr. Katalin Pécsi 

  A Brilliant Mathematician, a Woman of Strength, Tenacity, and Dignity: Hilda Geiringer
Arnold Reisman 

   Pour L'Amour de Yiddish:
The Literary Itinerary Of Régine Robin
 Dr. Ben-Zion Shek

   Ruth Kluger's - A Jewish
 Woman's Letter to her
 Dr. Jennifer Taylor

   Women In The Forest
 Nechama Tec

   Resistance Reconsidered
 The Women of the
 Political Department at
 Auschwitz Birkenau
 Rebecca Elizabeth
 Wittmann, Ph.D.

   Wrapping the Dead in Silence?
 Dr. Anna Elisabeth Rosmus