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Obituary - Gertrud Seele

Born:     Sep. 22, 1917, Germany
Died:     Jan. 12, 1945, Germany

Gertrud Seele was born in Berlin and became a nurse and social worker.She became an active Anti-Nazi and was outraged by the Nazi persecution of the Jews in Germany. Seele took jewish people into hiding in her own home and arranged safe houses for Jews who were escaping the Nazis. Seele had a young daughter and her husband was a soldier. She was arrested in 1944 having been denounced to the Gestapo. Seele was then charged with: Aiding The Enemy and Undermining Military Morale and tried before the People's Court, always by a fanatical Nazi judge.
Gertrud was then, sentenced to death,to be, Executed by Guillotine at Berlin-Plotzenses on 12th January 1945.

Gertrud Seele made a request to see her young daughter before she was executed. This request was denied by the Nazi Authorities.

In her Memory, a Hospital is named after her in Lanke.

A Nursing Home is named after her in Hamburg.

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