Women of Valor: Partisans and Resistance Fighters
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Evelyn Kahn

Evelyn Kahn was born in 1933 in Vilna. She lived in the nearby town of Ejszyszki, an only child in a family of adults who pampered her and showered her with attention. She was particularly close to her father, who shared with her his appreciation for the beauties of nature, music and culture.

At first Evelyn was shielded by her parents from the dangers of war, but when the Germans occupied Zdiecol, where she was living in 1941, her father was taken in the first round-up of men to which the professionals were ordered to report.1 The security of Evelyn's childhood was shattered with the loss of her father and the tightening noose of German occupation.

Within a short time Evelyn witnessed death at close range, and her mother became head of the family.

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