Jacob's Angels | Onkel Mengele

Jacob's Angels
by Barbara Wind


Who shall it be today, Herr Göth
Female     redhaired     freckled
The first to walk by

Must she do something special
Squint into the sun
Scratch at a mosquito bite

Does it matter if her
Hair is long or cropped?
Choose now!   That blond?
Or, would you prefer brunette
Corkscrew curls
Fair-skinned, plump

It's true, plump's a rarity
Under these conditions
But it exists

Everything     exits     here.
Look! There's a moving target
Thick braids glow like polished copper.

Don't give it too much thought
Cock the hammer, aim, shoot
You can do a brunette tomorrow.

Amon Göth, a Nazi, was the commander of the Plaszow Concentration camp during Worl War II.